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recent update :
Mariveles Bataan Mental Hosp duty.
written on @ Thursday, July 23, 2009 ✈



*whew. tgal q d nkpg post ahh..
well, dami nangyari..Photobucket we had our duty in Mariveles, Bataan and it's just 4 hrs from manila. I enjoyed the view while we're on the bus.. waah*Photobucket kamiss tLaga.
We arrived at 1pm.Photobucket then we choose on what room we will be, and un.. dun kmi sa 2nd floor. and aiaw nila dun, kc sabi daw may MUMU.Photobucket ohh so what.. mas mgndang rum un ehh..Photobucket sO solo namin un. hehe. daming vacant na BEDS kea pnag kukuha namain mga kutson para kumapal ung bed namin.Photobucket after mag aus gm8, hindi na kami naligo pra sa ORIENTATION. kc 1.30Photobucket start..

Then we went to the Mental Hospital na, we leave our cellphones and anything that have a camera on itPhotobucket, bcuz it's strictly prohibited to capture the psychotic patients.Photobucket
..hmm.. there, we met our c.i mr.ariel v. reyes_, he's a funny c.i.Photobucket
that afternoon he started orienting us all about the hospital.. and its so cool..!Photobucket
npaka vintage nung iba dun. e2 pix.

then, we also met our patients. and our patient was Mrs. X..Photobucket she have a bipolar schizoprenia.Photobucket
I must tell you that our expectations on the peole inside the mental hospital..was not met. hahaha! and its positive.Photobucket
many of them are not that violent or shows inappropriate manners, Some of them are nice and they're so happy everytime we take care and everytime we're there to listen to their feelings,Photobucket we used empathy and not sympathyPhotobucket
We had many activities like: Family therapy, Song therapy, Music and arts therapy, Newspaper therapy, occupational therapy on which we taught them how to cook a Hotcake,Photobucket then they willl cook also..Photobucket They ate their cooked hotcake and they seems so very hungry and happy while eating.Photobucket


Then the last day.. we had Our Program,Photobucket and the ptients we are handling are the audience. Some of the group prepared an intermission number and games for our patients, and they enjoyed it.!>Photobucket
It's a great experience to us,. After that one of the patients said that they're so very happy that they're picked to be our patients..
kasi dun lang sila nkakalabas ng malaya sa hosp. at nkakakain ng masasarap n pagkain.. at nkakagawa ng mggndang activities..Photobucket

the termination phase??.. sabi ng isa sa patients nmin " Aalis na kau. iba nnman hahawak samin n nurse"Photobucket
in fairness nkakamiss cla,,kc mbabait nman ung binigay samin ni sir at nkaka 2wa.. and theyre so friendly.Photobucket

We enjoyed our duty there, kasi halo halo. nkaka awa,nkk2wa ung ibng ptients dun..
till hir. tnx for reading.PhotobucketPhotobucket

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