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Nuvali and Koi Fish. :)
written on @ Thursday, May 12, 2011 ✈

I don't have any idea what to post. :D that's boring my life is. haha~! LOL. Anyway, I want to share my experience when we went to Nuvali,Laguna here in the Philippines & i'm with my boyfriend. We rode on a bus like for 2 hours, when we stepped out the bus I already felt the heat because that time the climate is sooo verry freaaaakiin HAWWT. Photobucketyeah~ Like i'll gonna have sunburn? sooo yea we reached our destination..

It's so beautiful and relaxing therePhotobucket, but what I enjoyed more are the fish!! the Koi Fish. They're so many, I want to catch one or two or a dozenPhotobucket!! Look at the picture,
From mymochavanilla pic

You can buy Fish Feeds for 15 Pesos/Php. and once you throw those feeds into the water they're like FISH GONE WILD Haha!Photobucket it seems that they haven't eaten for ages. But that moment is so priceless..Photobucket I want to go back there.. if I have more money we will go back there so I can feed them and I would ride a bike.Photobucket

Anyway 'til here. i'll post more tomorrow ~Photobucket

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