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Welcome to the twenties world! I was once told that the twenties are the best years to make an account of precious memories of life, dreams and love–doing so in the most vibrant manner possible.

: Athena, 7th of November, PH .
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Mogu Mogu
written on @ Monday, June 13, 2011 ✈

wheew* this month is so fastPhotobucket.. it's June 13 already?.. Photobucketand Nursing Licensure Examination date is fast approaching. I hope my friends will surpass the exam and can beat the pressure.. Like I did. NLE for me is so difficult.. But I know they can survive that.

Anyways.. last night we bought this Mogu Mogu Juice drink.. and it taste so great! Photobucketnot that sweet but the taste is perfect.. It’s fruit juice blended w/ Nata de Coco. When we say fruit juice, it’s real fruit juice, and thus it contains vitamins naturally found in those fruits. Nata de Coco, on the other hand, is a coconut jelly that is high in dietary fiber but no cholesterol and definitely zero fat. it's my favorite drink from now on haha!Photobucket and pepsi blue too..

I hate hot seasons, what do you think the temperature on the future will be?Photobucket on the future climate change? arrgh* I think I will be dead if the temperature rise up, I need to migrate.. Photobucket

sorry for short post..

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