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KBOP ! Tiffany's Birthday!
written on @ Sunday, January 22, 2012 ✈

Hello again! So last night nga yung kumain kami sa KBOP. The food taste so good, kaya lang medyo bitin, pero masarap foods ^__^ tagal nga namin nag hintay eh.


I don't know what's the name of this kfood, pero masarap sya for me, sa iba kasi ayaw nila, spicy,salty & sweet sya medyo meaty din, weird kasi gustong gusto namin to ng bessfriend ko si gilbert hehe.

And now, nagugutom ako kasi nakikita ko nanaman kinain namin :)) anyway this is Gilbert my bestfriend since 2006 nung college :) mabait yan, kaya nga nag tagal sa akin ;p ayon hahaha magkapatid na nga kami nyan halos eh.

and this is the birthday girl holding our gift, hati kasi kami ni gilbert sa gift na yan.. she loves monkeys kasi kaya yung gift namin :))) 3 ata sa amin puro monkeys yung gift hehe.

^___________^ next time again~!

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