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Welcome to the twenties world! I was once told that the twenties are the best years to make an account of precious memories of life, dreams and love–doing so in the most vibrant manner possible.

: Athena, 7th of November, PH .
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If I’m your girlfriend
written on @ Wednesday, July 11, 2012 ✈

I’ll be your best friend too. You can tell me your family problems, I can give advice to them. You can joke around with me, and you can be yourself when you’re with me.
 I can also be your little or older sister. I can tease you at times, but I will still love you no matter what.
 I can also be a strict mother to you. I may not allow you to go on gimmicks and parties sometimes, but just like a mother, I will let you explore the world by yourself because I know that after everything, you will come home to me.
I can be the most moody girlfriend ever. I switch moods often. At times I can be the sweetest girl, and sometimes,
I can be the bitch girl. I will love you faithfully. I will never trade you for anything, and when I say faithfully, it’s only you.

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