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written on @ Friday, July 13, 2012 ✈

Yesterday was not that good.

I just think i’m too emotionally closed off at this point to let anyone in. at least in a good way.

Okay, yesterday me and rj should meet at SM Trinoma, while i'm waiting for the bus this heavy rain just pour  too much! I was so wet T~T and that time i'm stranded I can't find any bus. That time I decided to rode a taxi, I paid 124.00php from Fatima to SM trinoma T_T After that my boyfriend was so very Angry. We don't talk that much, until we decided to eat at Tokyo Tokyo I ordered our dinner, Best Chicken teriyaki and Honey Chicken Teriyaki.
I have been so quiet at that time, I want to go home ASAP that time really sucks. I feel so lonely. sad.
He didn't even asked me if I was like "nabasa" ? because this heavy rain..

But after we have eaten our dinner, he's mood changed he started to talk to me again, he tried to be funny kahit corny.

Then our mood changed from this silent moment to this fun moment again. HAY so gulo. hehe..

Pero kahit ganun, I still Love him...


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