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Welcome to the twenties world! I was once told that the twenties are the best years to make an account of precious memories of life, dreams and love–doing so in the most vibrant manner possible.

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written on @ Tuesday, September 25, 2012 ✈

I'm with Rj yesterday.
I picked him at Boni, from his work, it's a 1 & a half trip, umm.. It's been a month? that I didn't rode a bus, so I feel so dizzy O_o, another factor that making it worst was my eyes, I doesn't have this 20/20 vision so when my eyes are soo soo tired it will makes my brow area so painful T.T resulting to headache.

So we're on the bus, going to my dorm but before that we bought Mcdonalds, i'm so hungry that time  & I need energy! I don't know why it's drained, anyway.. so we just sitting on the bus... I don't know but I'm trying to absorb all the feelings that i'll gonna be lonely, sad, something not like before feelings, for 6 years Valenzuela was my home..

We first met at the "BurgerMachine" near my college school,
Our first date was at SM North EDSA,
First to watch Paskuhan @ UST where we go to my dorm @ 3am in the morning, and I can't do that in my house!
It's my first time to be independent ( I mean, half independent cause i'm still not working that time ;p )
I met my best, bestfriends here,
My first Bar experience with friends :,> then we slept at my dorm, 2 in the morning ( Got no hangover! :)) ) we just danced that night,
&& so much more~!

I'll miss my college days! If only I can go back, I'll cherish every moment...never gonna thought that time was really going so fast.. :(

Back on the bus: He doesn't want me to leave, I don't either :( but I need to move to another place T~T everybody experienced something like this, like you're so attached to that place & you're thinking everything will change, or we can say not evrything but something will do change & I cannot do anything about it.

I know there's a reason for all of this..

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