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Bye Dorm: I'll never forget all great memories it gave me..
written on @ Monday, September 17, 2012 ✈

Hello, I want to talk about leaving. I'll be going to Marikina next week. I just feel so sad.

After 6 years living here in my dorm was like the best part of my life, I think. I experienced so many trials and happy moments in my college life. So many people comes and then suddenly they're just gone.. Some of them stayed, & I believe there's a reason s for every things..

In 6 years, my parents didn't know all of what had happened to me.. the Failures, the Fights, Being broken, Feeling lonely,  Crying at nights inside my four corners room but I have handled it all. All the happiness and sadness witnessed it all by my room.

I'm getting emotional. :| This dorm is my escape of all the badvibes in our house, I have a family problem. But I just don't think for it for so much, so I can't get so stressed but I think I need to talk to my father when I got home... I want to say so many things, I hope it will change something even a little bit.

Anyway.. I'm thinking of my bestfriends here (Gerlyn and Gilbert), who have been at my Up's and down's and especially my boyfriend(Rj).. We have this simple bonding that makes us really happy? Even if we just watched a Movie and then just eat eat and eat anything while watching, or I'll make Spaghetti for them :) they love  the taste of my Spaghetti ^__^ i'm so happy everytime they eat and say it's "masarap"..
Or watching movie with them at the theater, and many more..but this month my WISH came true, to have a Laguna Getaway! :) It happens so perfectly, No storms and you can only see the Sun..

I'll miss everything! Going late at nights, having my friends here their overnights after our movie marathon, cooking with my dorm mates before, sleepover with my bf, with my bestfriends,  && so much more..

I know we can't go back in time.. we just can go back at the place.
I just can't forget all the memories I had in my dorm,
for everything it gave me and for all great memories it gave me..

Now i'm getting ready for my new life, new aura in our house.. It will be getting rough I think, I'm not a student anymore, yet in me i'm still a baby girl that's do not forgets to play.. until I get old..

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