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Enchanted Kingdom: ZOMBIE OUT BREAK! OCT 31 2012
written on @ Thursday, September 27, 2012 ✈

1 day to go and i'm out from my dorm life.

I've had a low fever lately, maybe it's because i'm stressed.
Anyway, Me and Rj went to SM North yesterday, I feel so happy that day maybe because I know that it will be the last date for this month? T-T hayyyy.
We ate at Tokyo Tokyo, I ordered Best Chicken Teriyaki! I know if Rj reading this right now he's smiling ;p for some reasons :))
After that I bought my kikay stuffs, some lip tint, concealer and St.Ives Scrub everything was packed using recycled papers! thank goodness i'm with my body bag! that I can put any large *thingy*.
So we just walk walk and walk, even my feet are aching ( i'm wearing wedge so ya that's why :O )

Do you know this Outbreak?
It's your not-so-typical 5k fun run through a ZOMBIE-INFESTED obstacle course! It's a race towards the finish line and go against time, obstacles and yes, FLESH-EATING ZOMBIES. :) They're next event will be held at Enchanted Kindom, I don't know where's the finish line is but I think it is hidden? It adds the thrill for this race, my boyfriend was the only one who registered, it's on Oct.31 before Nov.1 I mean before the spooky day! How cool is that! I wish me and my friends can join, I'll run even my ribbons ( represent your lives ) are all grabbed by those ZOMBIES! it's okay, hahaha!

We rode the bus, the only vacant seats was the last seats at the back so I feel so dizzy again, I can't really take the smell of old airconditioned bus T~T.
So I think... I need to accept that i'm actually leaving for good.. I enjoyed my life here, I think this is my another chapter of life I need to face...

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