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Hachi&Chibi;Lost;Laguna (Random #4)
written on @ Monday, September 03, 2012 ✈

Where do I start? It has been a longtime that I didn't post anything about my everyday happenings in my life. Okay I'll talk about my new pets. I have a new hamster, Hachi and Chibi

 I have a new hamster, Hachi and Chibi:

They're my little babies, since my last 4yrold hamster died because of summer heat wave. Anyway, both of them are so energetic :) and so fun to watch! they're my stress reliever. They're nocturnal animals so from 10:00am until 11pm they're asleep.. 

Here's a picture of them:


My Boyfriend Rj and me should meet at UST, so I rose a jeep going to Recto but then my badluck strikes! the jeep i'm riding was out of gas in the middle of the road! so I rode another jeep, I didn't know na di sya liliko dun sa Metrobank! kasi sa madaming signs ako napasakay! so lumagpas ako, umabot ako sa Doroteo Jose, ummm not all of you know that I have a poor eye sight, so I can't see clearly at night. Anyway, takot ako tumawid pero natawid ko yung sa kabila.. naglakad ako pabalik, pero ang dilim pala dun kaya nag jeep na ako, baka ma hold-up pa ako. That time na sstress na boyfriend ko about me, hanggang sa SM San Lazaro nalang kami nag kita, So much badluck! :( but naging happy naman kasi kasama ko si Rj... ;p 

Panguil, Laguna Get Away (Day's like this I want to get away..)

I really want a stress free place, I want to relax my brain.. and breathe fresh air. Na sstress ako this week and for the following week, kasi idk what to do.. I've finished my hospital training, now what? I gained experience, but no hospital opportunities, and i'll be leaving my dorm after 6 yrs ;p, I don't want to go home kasi MAGULO sa bahay. 

So I really need to get stress free, kahit 1 day lang. PLEASE, Sana wag umulan.. sana maganda panahon sa Sept. 8 .. Anyway, here's the Resort:

Gusto ko lang mag unwind... at aalis na din ako sa Valenzuela, malalayo na ako sa friends ko.. bestfriends ko.. :( at sa Boyfriend ko....

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