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Laguna Getaway with my college bestfriends
written on @ Tuesday, September 11, 2012 ✈

Yehey! One of my wishes came true ^___^ that getaway was a blast! I really enjoyed it, I want to come back again.

Anyway, it starts here.. We rode a bus at 8am, going to Sta.Cruz, Laguna, it is a 3hrs trip but it's okay because I can see that the weather was great, :) .

then when we arrived at Sta.Cruz Bus Station, we ate first at the carinderia, I ordered BBQ and 1 rice :) after our lunch, I bought food wrapped inside the Banana Leaves :) for my boyfriend he's from Laguna talaga.

     Lunch Time:

After this we rode a jeep, and we pick up my boyfriend at Lumban, then after a 35mins jeep ride going to Panguil, Laguna... We saw the resort we will be staying for the night.. :) I really love this resort and I want to stay there again.

    The Resort:

What a nice place neh? ^_____^ I can't resist to stay there for a month hahaha, great view..fresh air.. I can't ask for more..T____T  this resort have 3 pools and 1 jacuzzi..

Panguil, Ambon-Ambon Falls

and just a 1 tricycle ride away from the resort, there's my favorite falls as of now.. ;D

Me and Gerlyn! Quick pose :))

       At the cottage, just chillin and eating mangoes with sweet bagoong :)

Trekking to Ambon-Ambon falls, we have a tour guide ( he's a good tour guide,he will really grab your hand because there's really an instances that you would fall )

With bhie, with Gerlyn! 

Going to the falls... the adventure part,haha 20 mins of trekking I think, but this was the fun part..

The Falls! :) this is the priceless moment, I don't know but i'm so happy that time hahaha.
you can shout all of your stress there..

After this, we go back again on our cottage place, :) then eat again with our snacks, it's almost 4pm...

Then we go back at the resort... 

at 6pm we go outside to have dinner, we need to rode a jeep because no carinderia was open at that time.

Sunday...comes.. So many pictures,

Ready to go back to the stressful life! ;D GOING BACK TO MANILA!

Thank you for reading my post.. ^^, 

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