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: Athena, 7th of November, PH .
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written on @ Wednesday, October 24, 2012 ✈

I just want to share my duties before, that are so exhausting, but I miss it.. my groupmates,

There comes a time that it is really too much to handle. I enjoyed the experience, some are good some are just bad but I've learned from it.

Toxic Experience:
Pedia ward ~ So many Dengue patients, 30+ patients and we need to take all of their Blood Pressure, but it was really the medical interns job, but some of them are so lazy to do it.. T.T so I need to be the one to take their Blood pressure,
plus there's so many ward at pedia, like Gastro,Neuro,Cardio,Hema, I can't remember all.. *nakakaloka* Overall, there are 43 patients when I was on duty, another Nurse on Duty.. She do all the charting and other documents stuff, and i'm the one who intervene.

Before the end of my shift, i'll be going to transfer all the data on their charts.. IV level, the Intake and Output = total, Vital signs, Medicines that are given need to be signed by me,
But hey!!! I survived it all. yey!! I can't even imagine it haha.

Best Ward;
Medicine Ward ~ This was the most toxic ward, but I love it.. it's toxic because so many patients are having cardiac arrest(they die).. I experienced pushing the IV med:Epinephrine to a patient, it signaling the heart to pump harder, increasing blood pressure, opening airways in the lungs. It was hard to see a patient dying..

I can't forget all the memories I encountered when I was on my duty days.
Here are some of the pictures;

I miss them, hehe. Mababait kong dutymates.. ;p

I think on November, i'll start na my duty as staff nurse na din sana on a Private Hospital.. with a 24 bed capacity. I hope I can do it hehe.Photobucket

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