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Welcome to the twenties world! I was once told that the twenties are the best years to make an account of precious memories of life, dreams and love–doing so in the most vibrant manner possible.

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written on @ Sunday, October 14, 2012 ✈

I really love this day, what a euphoric feeling, like seeing this FIREWORKS haha. After 2 weeks of not having my Rj by my side, and missing him so badly, I can say that we finally hugged each other again.

I'm really happy this day,  we meet up at NGI Market here in my hometown.
Then we went on our first house, where my father is, that place is like our factory, where they assemble those cable metals. Anyway, so he saw my father and Rj was sweating a lot. hehehe, all I can say is that was REALLY an AWKWARD moment, like I want to say "Hey, okay .. can we go now dad..? no more questions..please.. " haha.

So after that, HOT SEAT my dad drives us on our way home.
It's just a 10 km away.

So we eat, talked, watch the latest Transformer movie on HBO.
Then my lola came, holding 4 albums|! wants to share my baby picture, but it's okay for me because I was cute back then, I just don't know what happened :)) but some pictures are so ugly, I don't know how to brush my hair when I was a lil girl so..ya, HAHA I don't want to see my ugly pics O_O

our pictures..

Okay. Till here.. so happy. hehe,
gonna eat my banana right now. take care... :)

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