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Welcome to the twenties world! I was once told that the twenties are the best years to make an account of precious memories of life, dreams and love–doing so in the most vibrant manner possible.

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written on @ Wednesday, October 03, 2012 ✈

My dream room. Vaio. Ps3

Hello, this is just a random post. for you all haha.Well i'm just doing this blog hoppin a lot, then I saw this one blog that have kawaii stuffs, I love cute pink stuffs and that are fluffy. So I saw her blog post about her room, it was so cute, T.T I dream to have a room like that, where you can feel so relaxed and comfy.

I love the wallpaper, I love evrything, OMG girl I want your room!
I really love everything, this is so me.
Cute huh, I love it, so much this is what you see inside some pink boutique
She have my dream laptop, SONY VAIO CORAL color, OMG I want to cry....

See, told ya. It's so cute.. Someday i'll gonna have a room something like that haha I've got no time to buy those for these days, but someday I will.

carisseiris ); ~ you can visit her blog. ;)

Anyway i'm thinking about buying a new laptop since my laptop was broke, I need to buy 1. It has to be pink or light pink, but I want to buy PS3 too.

I love video games since I was a little girl, I played Resident Evil that's my favorite, but I love laptops|! that's where I put my private life, half of my life haha. All my pics are there and I love customizing my desktop, to make it cute I use Objectdock.  Ohh I hope before I reach the age of 28, I have the 2. haha just being realistic.

Anyway, it's raining a lot the whole day until tomorrow I think this will not stop, |:

This my silly picture, haha this day.. it's so cold I only used my electric fan.
but it feels like i'm on Antarctica.

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