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written on @ Monday, October 22, 2012 ✈

                  Yesterday was fun, me, my brother and my mom watched the movie Taken 2 it was a great movie, 5 stars from me. I already watched Taken when I was on highschool I think, I can't remember and it was a great movie too especially when Bryan Mills is starting to give instructions to her daughter on how she can locate where he is and her mom, because they were Taken. The film was engaging. Some the best chase scenes, stunning one-on-one fight scenes and fatherly determination made the movie a great production. I love the ending, you should really watch it. :)

Anyway, before we watched that movie we first went to Ali mall looking for my Hamster wheel , I need to buy a new one because their wheel is broken, I can't fix it.
Unfortunately, after looking at Sm Cubao, and gateway.. we find nothing but just a pet store for dogs and cats, so headed to SM North, and finally we found one..it costs 263.00php but it is cute,
atleast I found a petstore that are selling one of these, Thumbs up for Under the Sea and Other creatures Pet store, that's a short pet store name huh.. ?

So before we watch the movie, we took some pictures there,

That's my brother and my mom. She's cute right?hehe..I love my mom, she's like my big sister and she's always there for me, and she's a cool mom. ;D
I want to spend more time with her, but we can't...
but we always text each other, hmm enough of that drama hehe..

I really enjoyed yesterday, even we went to 4 malls, I want to do it again, it's possible... ;)

Anyway, till here.. I'll gonna watch The Walking Dead Season 3; Episode 1 and 2 I downloaded it on Torrent... ;D is anyone watch it too?

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