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written on @ Sunday, November 18, 2012 ✈

Hello, It's been a long time that I haven't posted here. It's because of my hectic schedule.. Nahh, just kidding :) how can it be so hectic when my life is so boring right now but it's just colorful because of Rj :D I sound cheesy hehe.
Anyway, yesterday we went to SM Megamall, but we meet first at Alimall.
Before that day, my mom was here bringing my old pet  Carti my Guinea pig!  you want to see her?

I turned over her to my mom, because I can't manage her, when my work starts but I really love to take care of her again, i love guinea pigs..They don't bite at all, they love to squeek when they smell foods that are vegetables, & they love to hide.


It was fun, just like before.. we eat, we tease each other but in a fun way and just spending time together.
So we first ate at the foodcourt, just a quick lunch for us and i'm on a diet so I ate just a little bit, we talked a lot about many things when we're eating, then we went to SM Megamall, and I was so tired before I got there It was because of so much walking with my jelly shoes wedge Arrrrgghh* you know what I feel girls right? :(
so we are at the MRT station, I saw this Redcross Volunteers and I feel that it is possible that 1 of them will pass out because of a very hot weather there, you can't feel any fresh air there but you can feel SWEATS! && a lot of it~!.
Okay so we are the sm megamall we are looking for Etude House boutique, When we saw it my boyfriend pushes ( literally ) me there and I love it HAHAHA.
I bought these things,

This P I N K  T-shirt was bought from  SURPLUS, I love Victoria's Secret PINK Shirts 
So I bought this BB Cream and Happy Facial Foam ( Witch Hazel ) I have my PINK Card so they transferred the points there yiieee.. I spend almost 1,026php for that..so bye bye..

Here's another photo, that clip was the free one and it has a ballpen inside, :)) cool.
I'm not yet using the BB Cream, i'm still trying to consume my last BB cream..

Okay, about our date. I'm so tired that time. My feet hurts, my muscles on my leg area is killing me and also near my ankles. But It's okay, as long as Rj is by my side some of his jokes that made me laugh forgets the pain and my exhaustion... After that we went home, by riding MRT again and FX.

At 8:30PM we are at my home na. We gave Polvoron from Goldilocks as pasalubong to my Lola. I prepared our dinner while he is checking his Facebook, it was 10pm that I decided fro Rj to spend the night in our house. My daddy and my lola gave a yes about it, so I was happy..

We spend the night watching TV while eating snacks, we have watched the B E N C H  Fashion Show~!
It was so funny when Rj trying to walk as Jake Cuenca HAHAHA~! that thing.. It was so funny!
Overall, I really enjoyed that day.. and I want to enjoy my day with him....

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