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written on @ Monday, December 10, 2012 ✈

Hello bloggers! :) I love to share what happened last December 8 2012.
Btw, If you're one who dropped some comments on my post before this, I really appreciate it all ^_^ thank you, maybe I do really have a low self-esteem.. but i'm trying to overcome that issue. Anyway... thanks again :) you made my day.

About what happened last December 8, was simple but full of nostalgia

All of this pictures, show it all...
First, we meet at Alimall again. It's so funny, I was on the comfort room then he called me I told him that I'll meet him at Blue Magic, && while I was walking towards that store, I saw him walking towards me at the other end :)) then I start smiling.. hehehe,

It was already 12:30 pm. We bought some donuts for me to eat while we're at the bus,
So we rode thie bus going to Malanday! & I miss that.. because since 2008 staying at my dorm, I & Rj always rode the bus going to Malanday, for me to go home ( I mean at my Dormitory ).
When we're near SM North,EDSA so many flashbacks! and I can't explain those feelings that I felt at that time, :))) It was like i'm on a time machine,  the clouds that time are so weird and the color of the surroundings was like light sepia, maybe because it's going to rain that time...so ya,

I bought bumbum a christmas gift~! and she loves it.. I miss her so much, she even hugged me when she saw me ^____^, she's like my twin sister hehe we both have the same taste on so many things, I wish she's my sister,'cause I don't have a little sister...she's the grand daughter of our dorm landlady, she's a little shy sweetie too, like me..hihi.. she's like 5 yrs old when I first talked to her, she's sooo little. Magkamukha na nga kami eh! haha ( We look the same, but she's more cute. ^^,)

After the Hugs&Kisses of goodbye again.. we headed to the Carinderia na airconditioned!hmm, It was our favorite carinderia to eat when we were still on college, We love their sisig! It tastes so special, It's not an ordinary sisig. I miss having lunch there,  the people there are so hospitable :)

It's already 3pm, when we rode a jeep going to Monumento.. we bought this Tea Zone MilkTeas/Bubble Teas He really fall inlove with this buy 1 take 1 tea, we can't find any other stall of this on other malls :( only here at Victory Mall, Monumento, at yun lang dahilan bakit kami pumunta dito hahaha! para bumili lang nun, (  that's the only reason why we went there, just to buy that tea, ) but it is still worth it, I miss the taste of it plus it is more cheap. :)

Then, we headed to UST ( University of Santo Tomas ), I really love their X-Mas Lights! hanging on the trees, Lover's Lane, and so much more... Before, when we don't know where to spend our date, we just go here at Uste, It's not my school but I love visiting here, because of so much memories on every corner..

Going to Tayuman by Jeep. :) I love this picture, it's so nostalgic! :D

Low Quality ( cam phone ) Lover's Lane! It's so windy that time.. ^_^
Engineering Bldg. This is where I took my Nursing Board Exam 2010 :)
I remember walking inside very anxious.... also when going out after the exam.

Then we ate siomai outside, It'so big I can't fit the whole siomai in my mouth! Because I always eat siomai eating the whole thing at once, hehehe..But that time, I can't do it.
Then we saw the x-mas lights, they already turned it on!
So I was like, "Yeyy!" haha.

It's 6:10pm
We attended 6:30 mass.

After the mass, we just have a walk.
It's so cold that time... :)
He also stole another kiss from me, while we are walking out from the field.
I still remembered it was Valentines Day, we are at that field walking again...  and I said
"Bhie, asan na flowers ko? bat wala..? ha? ha? ha? ( Bhie, where's my flower bouquet? ha? ha? ) "

but I was joking that time.. Then he said
"You like to have flowers? okay. Follow me"
then he gave me 1 piece of Santan! HAHAHA
Here's a picture of the Big Christmas Tree..

My favorite shirt of him is this.
from Enchanted Kingdom Outbreak Run :D

After this, I can say it's time to go home...
It's a very tiring day.. I really enjoyed this day! really worth it! :)
Thank you if you really read my post, till the end, because it's really tiring to read long post. hehehe

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