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Welcome to the twenties world! I was once told that the twenties are the best years to make an account of precious memories of life, dreams and love–doing so in the most vibrant manner possible.

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written on @ Tuesday, December 04, 2012 ✈

Hello, sorry for not posting any new entry here i've been so lazy this wee, and i'm just always chillin in our house. So yesterday we had a date ( with Rj ) We meet up at Alimall, and I feel ugly that day.. bad hair day + my eye bags Photobucket. It was raining that day, but after we go out of the mall the sun shows up..
Then we headed to SM Cubao, he bought a new short and it looks great on him. I bought mine too, it says: "RUN WILD" even though i'm not wild looking girl Photobucket I have a  wild side, hahaha.

I look fat here, I don't know if I can wear this outside, I need to be more smaller.. :(
Anyway, after we bought this outfit, we rode a bus going to Munoz, then we ate our lunch at Waltermart. We chose Karate Kid, it is where we eat when I was on my Training before at QCGen Hospital,
We love going to the place we used to share moments, even if it is so far from my house (marikina)
"Makakabalik ka sa lugar, Pero hindi sa panahon" Gusto ko kahit panahon lang namin, maibalik padin.
I'm getting cheesy.. Photobucket

After that, we headed to SM North, i'm so pissed to this girl at the jeep.. because, arrrghh nevermind.

I saw so many Hello Kitties there, so Rj brought me to this place  ^_____^ cute neh? I can't get any picture of me posing there, because there are a lot people! Maybe you can't see here the people i'm talking about because I really want to capture the image without any other objects or persons so I adjusted my angle.

We bought this notebook at Daiso he insisted me to get one and he'll be the one to pay for it Photobucket.

Hehehe, i'm so happy he bought this for me hehe Photobucket.. It's so cute, but I still don't know what to write there, I still have a small notebook, but it is more korean vintage..
Then we bought this Calamansi drink at the food court, and eat some siomai.
Sorry for this not so good angle haha,

Here he is, looking for his new shoes..

It's 7pm, we heard this fireworks.. we go out the mall, and see this fireworks, and after that we headed back inside to buy this plant.. it's so cute!

It's really cute I have two Miura Hydroplants & i'm planning to buy more :)
Then yah.We rode a bus,
then FX..
we played color games at the park, then got home at 8:45pm with him, he's always alowed to sleep in our house hehe.

To sum it up..
We spend so much time together,
Spend a lot of money,
and we really enjoyed it... I will never get tired, doing it..all over again.

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