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Best times...
written on @ Tuesday, January 15, 2013 ✈

Hello~  Bloggers! How are you today?. Anyway, as you can see, I've changed my blog layout I just want to relax my eyes while I read some of my post, & I used my pink&white layout for almost 6months? or 9mos, maybe it's time to change it, it also reflects my mood right now.

I'll be ranting about my bestfriends, having their overnight here in our house. I really enjoyed it! :) I missed them so much, they're like my sister&brother, I'm really choosy when it comes to friends..because I don't want those fake ones, I experienced having some & it was like hell! Hard times will always reveal true friends.Enough of the drama, when they arrived in our house, we did some little crazy chitchats! :)) After that we ate spaghetti ( my favorite! ) prepared by my dad, It really tastes good!. We watched Banana Split, while some games in our PS3 was currently installing. Oh! I forgot,
Me and Rj bought this Playstation 3 Vr.4.30 that was Jailbroken, meaning I can put some downloaded games  to its External Mem., We just saw the unit on Sulit.com.ph  the price? well it's really worth the price, and the seller was kind too :) he gave us mini tutorial, and installed so many games! it's like 100+ plus 2 wireless controllers + 500 GB External Mem. only for 19,500php! We grab and deal with him because for me it's the most cheap ps3 that I saw, plus the accessories.

So that night, while eating ice cream! We played some games like, Persona, Need For Speed! and it's really fun, specially Gilbert! It's really funny how he drive,It was like the driver was drunk! I say No to drunk drivers! hahaha.

Here some pictures!

Little Big Planet 2 KARTING

The Walking Dead :D
I really enjoyed being with them. Years from now, we will not do this things again..but I hope we will again.

About my brother!
Yesterday was his birthday! we went to SM trinoma,
with our mom!
as what I said above,
 I gave him PS3 as a gift,
 Good thing he likes it so much! who the h does not like having a ps3? that was already jailbroken? :D

but something happend that really stressed me out! It happened inside MRT, I forgot about the rush hour.. :| arrrggh I don't want to put about that  here, it will just ruin my post. -_- Have a good day! :)

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