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Welcome to the twenties world! I was once told that the twenties are the best years to make an account of precious memories of life, dreams and love–doing so in the most vibrant manner possible.

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written on @ Thursday, January 24, 2013 ✈

First, thank you for your comments... you know who you are.
Yesterday was tough, like it was close to another break-up (2nd) T~T
I know it was my fault, I've been over reacting.

He read my post, then he started to pity himself, that I didn't know that he will.
I was crying the whole morning, because of my wrong move...
I don't want him to get out of my life, half of my world is with him and I don't know how to start again if ever  we broke up :( .

I decided to meet him at his work, but he refused.
I didn't stop telling him that i'll be going to see him, even if he really don't want to see me...
Before I meet him, I dropped by Alimall to buy him the Nikey CAP of Roger Federer, but no luck.
So I bought Adidas Cap instead, the price was good because I got it with 50% discount, but the real price was 750php :) It's the climacool cap, I used my savings for my boots..I think I can't buy the ankle wedge boots that i'm dying for..

I texted him that I can't find a RF Cap, then he texted me that really shows his worries about me going by myself, because he knows i'm not an expert on crossing the roads.

Anyway, I can really feel while walking along EDSA that I have really cold clammy skin, & I looked really pale! *Sooo ugly.*, maybe because I didn't eat my breakfast & lunch, that can explain why I feel so exhausted, & I was really pale! Good thing there are just a few people on MRT.

When I arrived at Boni station, I saw him standing in front of 7eleven, at first he never spoke... but I say my sorry, after 30 mins... we are back to normal, we held hands.. we ate kwek-kwek & penoy eggs hehe, we went to Robinsons Forum, eat sisig, bought dairyQ ice cream...
at the end of the day, he spend the night at our house.. We played Portal 2, and then he played NBA2K, I love watching him playing NBA on ps3, I don't know why..maybe it's because of "Boozer" hahaha.

On Friday, 26th. It's our monthsary, 56th monthsary I think? T.T
thank God eveything is ok again, good thing he's open-minded and really loves me..

Thank you for reading my drama, ^____^

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