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Goals... I need to achieve it all...
written on @ Friday, January 04, 2013 ✈

Happy New Year everyone! Hope your 2012 leaves you great moments! and even if there's something happened that is not so good, still..Just smile.
Like me, one of my closest friend told me that 2013 is the year of the Snake. I was born on 1989, & my chinese zodiac is Snake, she said that I will be lucky this 2013. I don't put all to my luckiness, I mean we need to put effort to achieve our goals. Yesterday, I was able to apply at Immaculate Conception Hospital as Staff Nurse, I have submitted my application form, resume, and my requirements. I just don't like the nurse that gives me the Application form, he's gay but he look so grumpy, he doesn't even smile! I feel anxious when I see him, and to cover that  feeling I'm trying to make funny of him inside my head, I imagine him having a red nose, or he's a clown that wearing a scrub suit :))) i'm so bad..

Anyway, I saw Doctora Zulueta she's me pedia doctor before.. I was always at the hospital before, and she's my doctor & now I will be working for her, hahaha. She doesn't recognized me at all, maybe because I look more matured than before. The Chief nurse told me that they will call me, and will interview me. Actually, I suck on the interviews! I hate interviews, Do you think I can do this? :( plus i'm planning to take IELTS International English Language Testing System, It's one of the requirements for my immigration to Canada, so I can get VISA. and it is required for me, to take CRNE, it's the licensing exam to be a registered nurse on Canada! :| I don't know if I can do all of this, but I'll do my best.. I hope I'll pass all this exams... I really need to pray a lot, and to study more harder again! Being a Nurse is very painful these nowadays..
But I'll try my best, face my fear , and I hope I will gain the fruits of it.
Wish me luck, please pray for me.. It will be very appreciated and I will not even forget you... :)

These are good goals for 2013...

I can get through this...

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