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written on @ Tuesday, February 05, 2013 ✈

Hello my fellow bloggers! Last Sat & Sunday I was able to experience this what they call “Lupe” I don’t know the meaning of it, but as far as I know it is about Saint San Sebastian, they splash water to the Saint plus all the people you can see around you, are needed to be splashed with water. I really enjoyed it! It was my first time to experience that.

So it started when Rj invited me to go with him to Laguna, I already told my grandma about it and she allowed me to go with him, it’s a good thing haha.
Anyway, we’re near Alimall and decided to eat at BonChon,

seriously I really love their chicken and other meals do you agree with me? .We went to the Bus Station, we waited for almost an hour for the bus that will be going to Sta. Cruz, Laguna .

So when we’re inside the bus, I kept talking and talking even if I’m not that a very chattable person hehehe, while eating my Nagaraya! ( my nausea reliever ) . I ate so much inside the bus!
When we arrived in Laguna, we looked for a jeep going to Siniloan, but there are so many people that time and we don't know where they came from.
Anyway, when we are near at their house, I can see that they set-up the stage at the front of their house! which was cool, because I can watch the Gay Pageant in a nice view. It was my first time to watch those, hahaha and I can really say that it was fun, there was so much people downstairs so we headed up their house, where they have this large window made in wood and capiz, oh it was already night time when it happened. So I changed my outfit, I wea a swater because it was 4x colder there than here in Manila!
First we watch the pageant, Gay pageant..but they were really pretty that night! more prettier than the real girls out there, I enjoyed the talent portion and the way they present their costumes  also on how they walk!

So, it was already 9 in the evening and yet the pageant wasn't over, we decided to buy Siopao and Penoy (I don't eat penoy a lot before, but last last week I tried to eat one with Rj, & It tasted good so yeah that's how it started ^^)
but unfortunately we can't find any of that food. We walked near the HI-way to buy some Burger!
after that we went to Rj's Tita, all I can say is she's really made me feel so very welcome when the first time she met me, and this was the second time and it was the same. She gave us a meal.

We went back to Rj's house, I ate what we have bought... and the hours passed, it's already 12midnight and the pageant was announcing who will gonna be the winner for that night.
We started to sleep that time,
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Another morning came, and I can hear the drums! that they'll gonna use for the parade of the Saints.
It's 9 in the morning, and we go out, and after few a minutes I was wet already because they splashed me a lot of water, coming from the waterhose! hahaha.
We watched the parade of the Saint near the River, where there are a lot of motor boats, I mean huge boats.
We watched those motorcycles, jeepneys, at the hi-way.. and the funny part was, all of the people splashed so much water to those who's inside the vehicle that are passing by, and it's so funny to watch. Some got angry, but you need to be game on everything right?.. That time was full of laughter, and I really enjoyed that moment.. it was already 5pm, and we decided to go to Manila,

Rj slept in our house, because it was already late when we got home..

It was really fun, I want to experience it again next year, I hope so. :)

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