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Samsung S3
written on @ Wednesday, February 13, 2013 ✈

Hello bloggers! Valentines day is coming up! where do you decide to do that day? or go? :)
so me & Rj planned to spend our valentines day at UST, as always hehehe. Last year that's where we spend valentines. I'm planning to wear my pink shirt that I bought last Saturday, if only I can wear my dress I'll wear it! but I don't want to look over dressed -_-).
Anyway, I'll try to blog about it after valentines day..
I know those who are single are planning to go out that day too, with their barkada ( friends ) or you can watch movies that day, I remembered the days back then when I was single hehehe I'm looking someone to                          ask me for a date, but I was a failure HAHA.

Last week I saw this Samsung Galaxy Y S3 & I really want to have one! White S3 is okay for me, but it will be much better if they have the pink version of it which can only be found at Korea & Japan I think n__n

It costs like 23,000php O~O I really want to have one, haist*
see these pictures? here's a cute theme for s3 :D

cute neh? *sighs*

**my grandma is not in the mood right now, & I am too **

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