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Valentines & Volleyball
written on @ Tuesday, February 19, 2013 ✈

Hello! :) How was your Valentines day? mine was great, but we had been into a love quarrel on that day, but later when he asked me to eat at BonChon, and after 6 months of not opening the KitKat chocolate ( that I gave to him when it was my last day to stay at my dorm, so there's a sentimental value to it. ) He opened the KitKat chocolate, and then he sprinkled it on the FrozenYogurt, I didn't took a picture of it because I was feeling "Kilig" that time, after that he hold my hands and said sorry, & I did the same. After that we're back to normal, smiles&laughs.

So yesterday was Feb 17, It has been a habit to watch a volleyball game on TV since Rj always watch sports game, I was influenced already. We dediced to watch Ateneo vs UST game, we met some people that are in line for buying tickets, because they're selling the tickets at the time of the game only.
It was my first time to watch a Volleyball game so I was excited hihi.
Here some pictures!

    HAHAHA. I was on TV :))

  we're both okay if either of the teams win.
but Ateneo wins.. so after the we headed to SM Sta. Mesa,
& Rj saw this necklace, earrings, & bracelet so he bought if for me..
It was his post~Valentines gift for me, because flowers are too mainstream? hehe

It was really pretty.. hehehe..

There's so many events happened this week, i'll try to blog about it on my next post maybe. :)

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