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First Interview. &Job yaay* ^^
written on @ Saturday, March 02, 2013 ✈

How was my affiliates doing right now?
Yesterday was my first time to be interviewed, those days before the interview was nerve wracking, that includes the night before my interview. I reviewed a lot about how to answer the interviewer, and even when I tried to practice my palms started to release sweats, that was really a normal thing to me whenever I became anxious.
So I don't have the attire for the interview, we decided to buy. I bought this cute brown blouse, and slacks now I looked more casual/semi-formal.

SorryforbadQuality. :(

That time, I was really tensed, I was drove by  papa at the Hospital, where my interview will takes place. So I arrived there at 12:30 pm and I was inteviewed by 2pm! The first time I saw the interviewer, I've sense something good, he is very approachable and jolly? hahaha well he said to me that I shouldn't be nervous because he is nice, I just need to be who I am in short JUST BE MYSELF ( I remembered Gilbert that time, because he told me to just be myself ). So he's making some jokes, and It helped me to relax he asked me some questions, and I answered it well. I told some unforgettable hospital experience, how I handled the pressure that time and stress, good thing I have read some tips :D
I really like the HR, He took medicine so he is Doctor, but because he has good communication skills his sideline was being an HR.
Anyway, good thing he was the one who interviewed me!
So I told him some hospital experiences that are unforgettable.

At the end of my first interview, he asked me to write an essay about why they should hire me. I did some drafts, then I transferred it to another clean paper, & there was the PIGLET ( the other nurse, the gay one that i'm telling you about, who I think does not like me, that's what I call him..because of his Very UGLY personality ) He told me that I should not make the essay too long because the Chief Nurse may not be able to interview me, *then smirk sarcastically* Pigs smirks too! :)

Anyway! Then I was been inteviewed by the chief nurse, 2 interview in one day! yaay! :)) I did'nt know that I can do that. So, I was asked some questions..at the end, she said that they will call me whenever I have the schedule, but It was just a Training schedule for 4 mos?then after that, that's where I will start my work.

I am so happy..this is my first time to be inteviewed, and I think it's just a luck.... hehe
but I really Thank God for this blessing.

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