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GameGuard Errors
written on @ Monday, March 04, 2013 ✈

Hi fellow bloggers I just want to share some problems in Audition PH Gameguard Error, Last past days I' encountered some errors regarding GameGuard, since they updated gameguard and intalled automatically new files I experienced this error 114. SO here's some possible reasons and solutions fo it.

GameGuard Error 100
Error: Computer is infected with virus.
Fixlease update the anti-virus to the latest and scan the PC. Even after scanning, if the error code 100 persists to appear, it might be undetectable virus. Please try with another anti-virus then (Each anti-virus application company offers free scanning.)

GameGuard Error 110
Error: Gameguard is already rimmong.
Fix: Press CTRL + ALT + DELETE (or open the task manager) and click the processes tab. Look for these: GameGuard.des, GameMon.des, or something similiar, and click End Process. A box will popup, click Yes. If that doesn't work, restart your computer.

GameGuard Error 112
Error: Failed to load modules for checking viruses and hacking tools. Possible causes are lack of memory and virus infection.
Fix: Scan your computer. If nothings detected, try with the following recommended virus scanners. AVG Anti-Virus, AVG Anti-Spyware, Spybot Search and Destroy, and Nod32. If it's still giving this error, reinstall AuditionSEAstory. If error still occures further procedures will be necessary.

GameGuard Errors 114 and 360
Error: GameGuard failed to initialize GameMon.
Fix: This shows that something on your PC is preventing GameGuard from running. Disable Windows Firewall and all 3rd party firewalls. Temporarily disable your anti-virus and anti-spy (or uninstall them if all else fails). Click Start then Run. Type "services.msc" without the quotes. Make sure the following services are disabled from startup and the service is stopped. (to do this, right click on the item).

( For me, the issue was on my DEP, DEP is Data Execution Prevention. Go to the control panel, in the url bar, put Control Panel\System and Maintenance\System and press enter. Then Restart you pc, and it worked to me -Athena )

- Automatic Updates
- Background Intelligent Transfer Service
- Windows Firewall/Internet Connection Sharing
- Security Center

If you've done that then Windows Firewall has been completely disabled. (You can turn it on again anytime you want). If AuditionSEA still doesn't work, try this. With AuditionSEA installed, download and install the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility. Find AuditionSEA and click remove. Now uninstall AuditionSEA. This will now be a fresh, new install. Download the client again and install normally. If it still doesn't work, try this. Press CTRL + ALT + DELETE to open the task manager and click Processes. Kill of any programs that you know is safe to close. ProcessScan will scan your processes and tell you what is safe and what is not. You should not kill any of the following processes:

- explorer.exe
- svchost.exe (there are multiple, don't end any of them)
- lsass.exe
- services.exe
- winlogon.exe
- csrss.exe
- smss.exe
- System
- System Idle Process

If that still doesn't work, then I have one last solution. Uninstall AuditionSEA. Start > Control Panel > User Accounts. Create a new user account as an administrator. Now on that account, download and re-install AuditionSEA.

Or, if your on vista, there could be an issue because of DEP. DEP is Data Execution Prevention. Go to the control panel, in the url bar, put Control Panel\System and Maintenance\System and press enter. Click System Protection. Inside of that click the Data Execution Prevention tab. Tick turn on DEP for all programs except those that I accept. Click add, add all files in your AuditionSEA folder. If this doesn't work, go back and change the DEP settings back to normal, and try one of the other fixes.

GameGuard Error 115
Error: Game has been executed multiple times, or gameguard is already running.
Fix: If AuditionSEA is running, you can't run it twice. If not, press CTRL+ALT+DEL (or go to the task manager) and find AuditionSEA.exe. Click End Process, and then yes. If that fails, restart your computer and try again.

GameGuard Errors 120/124/141/142/150/153/170
Error: GameGuard.des file does not exist or is modified, Setup file for GameGuard does not exist or is corrupted, or GameGuard.des does not exist or is corrupted.
Fix: You can either delete your gameguard file and then run AuditionSEA as it will reinstall it, or you can Install GameGuard.

GameGuard Error 155
Error: Windows system file is damaged.
Fix: It is recommended to check virus, and reinstall Internet Explorer or rsabase.dll in the system folder according to Internet Explorer version.

GameGuard Error 200
Error: A hacking attempt has been detected.
Fix: Close all of your hacking programs, and then try again. If this doesn't work, restart your computer.

GameGuard Error 340/350/380
Error: Failed to run gameguard.
Fix: Check internet connection by using internet explorer (gameguard uses internet explorer, so it MUST work), and delete the hosts file (C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc). It should just be HOSTS. no extension.

GameGuard Error 361
Error: GameGuard update is not processed well.
Fix: Please check the internet settings, network, and see if security program such as "itop" is running or not. Also check if you need to get authorized before connecting to the internet.

Credits to: Chrome

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