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5th Anniversary && Best friends! Cool, Clear WET!
written on @ Monday, April 29, 2013 ✈

Hi guys! I just want to share my weekend expeience! :)

 Our 5th Anniversary ( April 26 2008  )
Swimming outing with my college BFF's

So, we spend our time together watching Iron Man 3. First, I went to Boni Mandaluyong we meet there and the we rode a bus going to SM North. We're in the bus for 45minutes? it's Friday afternoon so I expect that it will be a heavy traffic.
We already have the IMAX Ticket, that he bought 3 days before our anniversary
We bought a lot of snacks, haha you can see what I mean right?

I really enjoyed that night, and Iron Man 3 is great and funnier
I thank God for making our relationship stronger and for making us grow.
We treat each other like a bestfriend, kuya, && love each other that make us one... I can say that, we often treat each other like a best best friend + sweetness & teasing other, making our relationship not boring at all
I hope it will last forever *stopthedrama* Okayyyyy~!

It's already 10pm when the movie ended, goodthing there's a lot of bus going to Cubao that time.
it's 12 midnight when we arrived at home, so Rj had a sleepover on our house.

After that day...

We packed our things because we are going to Carino Resort with my college bestfriends!
we arrived on the meeting place, at exactly 4:15pm, we're from Marikina so it's a long trip. We rode LRT 2 Katipunan to Recto, then LRT 1 Doroteo Jose to Momumento Station. When I was there, I remembered my duty,school, & dorm days I mean College days.
*Nostalgic feelings.*

&& when i'm with them inside the car, I stat fixing my hair because it really looks so messy!
then I saw Dionna's Samsung Galaxy Note, I want to buy one :( but I like S3 more. Does anybody heard about Samsung s3 Korean clone? anyone please? 

With gilbert :P

With bhie. 
 haha. Seriously I want us to have this kind of gathering in Laguna.
waaaah. na enjoy ko talaga.~! this week.

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