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: Athena, 7th of November, PH .
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Hair. Random
written on @ Wednesday, April 03, 2013 ✈

This is just a quick rant.
I really don't know what will I do tomorrow!
My life is getting boring as hell. Later, Eatbulaga (TV show) will be conducting their "All for Juan, Juan for all" game LIVE , here on our street! and for sure  there will be a lot of bystanders.
I'll try to take a look of what's will happen tomorrow :D

Anyway, I've changed my display picture on Facebook.. I don't feel like showing my real image these days, I can be more being myself whenever I change my DP to a funny animated icon, like this..
It's my character on Audition PH
Actually I want my face to look like that instantly whenever I feel so awkward o pissed.. HAHA.

So yeah, that hair is one of my favorite hair style on Audition Ph.
Speaking of hair, i'm planning to color my hair and I want a shade of brown/red brown/ash brown?
what do you think?
I have a picture here, of what color I want to have..
Anyway she's AnnLi

I hope it will suit me, I mean this kind of shade ^_^
what do you think? **ugh!*
I'm not pretty as her, but I really want to have that shade of her hair. Lemeleme!
but do you know this Ombre Hair?
It looks like the color of Miley Cyrus Hair, before she cut it off..?
I mean this

Sad thing she ruined her hair, but I've heard she donated it for the Cancer patients kids?:)
Nice miley.

Hmmmm... so yeah, arggghh.
sorry for a very random stuffs that i'm ranting right now -_-

                                              ~~~~~> Good day everyone. 


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