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St. Jude ( Rj's birthday!)
written on @ Friday, April 19, 2013 ✈

Hello! yesterday was my boyfriend's birthday! So when I was on my way to Boni i'm with my mom, she's like my older sister.
anyway, when we're at the MRT station you can really feel the humidity + heat its like Philippines is inside the super mega extra extra large oven! >:(
I waited for him for 10 minutes, in 7eleven. My close friends knows that I have a very poor eye sight, because of it while I was walking towards 7eleven, I saw this guy who's eating his merienda & I thought it was Rj because they both have the same haircut, & because of how they eat :)) i'm going to smile at  him that time but good thing I didn't! !.

After that, we rode a jeep . It's really hot that time! plus the carbon monoxides & other chemicals coming out from the vehicle's smoke! I can't breathe enough oxygen that time :|

We went to St. Jude Church, but before that we ate at Mcdonalds. I ordered a chicken burger & Green Apple float, because I was really hypoglycemic that time! I didn't ate my lunch well.

not mine. I just googled it.
I prayed a lot, so many things are happening to my family, and also to me I just don't want to share it with anybody, I just don't want them to worry about me because I know I can do this.

After the mass, I met Rj's friend, at first I don't want to because i'm too shy to met her and i'm not on the mood because my energy level is so drained! But  then I met her, she's also so shy to talk to me but I think she's funny, hehehe. Good thing she's not Maarte (who acts too girly or flirty) I don't like those kind of girls, anyways she's in the line of Engineering course too I just don't know exactly what branch of Engineering she took. We ate at Tokyo-Tokyo Sm Manila, it was like 9pm.

Rj accompanied me to our house, & because its too late for him to go home, he was allowed to spend the night on our house, he is slept on the couch hehe.

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