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recent update :
not so good.
written on @ Tuesday, June 25, 2013 ✈

Hi, it's been a long time that I made a post right here.
It's has been tough, I mean the month of May was not so good for me,
it brought me to a lot of stress, failure, & a little bit of fun times.

First, I was on my ojt at the hospital, it was a private hospital.
my supervisor is just at my same age, but she's so bossy.
I don't know, but all the pressure was in me even if it is my first day.
She asked me a lot of questions, that I forgot how because it's been 3yrs since I read my nursing books!
My schedule was awful. I don't have a rest day, so for 3 mos I need to have my duty for 8 hrs, without any rest days, because they're lack of staff nurses.
Because I'm getting depressed and being pressured a lot everyday, there's a time that i'm getting a mental block.
One time, I made a mistake. She's so mad at me, & I am too, to my self.
It really lowered my self confidence that time..It was really bad! I even want to die that time.
She told me a lot of negative things..
After that, i'm thinking of quitting
but I didn't. The next day, she kept joking about that incidence, I tried to smile about that but it's really hurting me deep inside! you know what I mean.
that day, I tried my best not to screw up, but yet I failed..It was going so smooth, then it was nearly 2pm ( out) when she asked me about a patient..
To make it shorter, I got my another incident report for the second time, just because of the Thermometer!.
How bad was that huh?
well, it's really bad.
While i'm writing my report, I tried to hold my tears, it was really hard for me that time, I decided to quit because I can't do it anymore.
I feel worst when I was there! I even want to work in a public hospitals with tons of patients but full of good co-nurses.
I cried outside the hospital, the guard even asked me why, I just smiled a fake smile.
I meet Rj that time, then we ate at KFC.. I can't stop my tears, so a cried a little bit.
That night, I decided to quit.. we walk at the park and bought some ice cream, the breeze of air was so good.. I can deep breath, because I know it will be over.

Now, so much opportunities came, like in Philippine General Hospital, Amang Rodriguez Hospital, DOH,
I'm planning to have my volunteer at PGH this july, while reviewing on my upcoming PGH NPE ( Exam ) wish me luck.. ^__^

I have my Samsung S3, I love the design plus it's android.
I can put a lot of themes.
and after that Hell Week, I might say.. I went to Laguna with Rj, to freshen up and it went good!
I rode a bike after a million years..haha okay it's so not real, I was 7 yrs old the last time I rode a bike.
I enjoyed my stay there at Laguna with Rj.

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