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Between two worlds....
written on @ Tuesday, August 27, 2013 ✈

Hi! I don't know if there is someone who reads my blog right now, maybe just some random bloggers :) but anyway, I would like to rant about "us" and maybe i'll include my short review on "The Conjuring". So, last last week I think that was Aug 17 2013, we watched this Upside down Movie, well it's a great love story that shows true love conquers all, but the movie was kind a little near to satisfaction, it's kinda short for me "bitin", while watching we are eating this Ham and cheese roll sandwich that I made, which was kinda fail hoho.
But overall, it's a great movie I recommend to watch it with your hubbie/bhie/bee/honey..If you don't have yet, or you haven't met your true love, Get your largest pillow & hug it tight, that's what I am doing before I've met him, hehe well it helps atleast ^_^

LDR was like living in two different worlds
( different time zones, that will give you headaches )

So after the movie, you can hear the song playing at the end of the movie, it was dark because we turned off the lights, then we have a little talk but it was really deep, I can only see his face while he holds my hand. We didn't do that moment often so it's really memorable for me, we talk about the future that after 2 years maybe we will be entering this major LDR, right now we're already at LDR but it's not that hard because he works at Mandaluyong, Manila and I'm currently residing here at Marikina. My tito in Canada, will be the one who will sponsor me when that happens I think I need to be a Canadian citizen after 2yrs so I can sponsor Rj, 2yrs is like 365days time 2. It's not that easy, I expect that I will be often all by my own, no one will hug me when I feel depressed, no one will knock on our door surprisingly with my favorite food with him, let's face it we need someone's presence physically.Hugging the person you love will make you feel secure & you'll feel better if ever you're having problems he can magically make it okay, I don't know but I've experienced it with him. Everything feels right whenever i'm with him.

    I'm trying to face that fear because it's for our future, right now i'm enjoying every single day with him even if we're not together everyday, with the helps of this yahoo messenger and my cellphone we can talk whatever we want. We eat a lot of foods, I take pictures and collect all the receipts whenever it was our first time to eat in that resto, or fastfood chains isn't that weird haha. Taking videos, recording voice calls, and anything that we like to do. We need to make it last.

I'm getting so emo right now. hehe.
I'll make a review about conjuring on my next post.

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