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Request for DFA Authentication for Board Rating and Board Certificate ( Red Ribbon )
written on @ Friday, August 16, 2013 ✈

It's been like a month the last time that I posted something  here.
Anyway, yesterday was very tiring.
We happened to check the authenticity of my Diploma, TOR, Board Rating, Board Passing, & License.

So I woke up at 4:30 in the morning, because my hair is so very long that it will takes time for it to dry.
I left at 6am, and rode a jeep, then a train. Until, I arrived at Fatima University, they will be the one who will process our TOR & Diploma at the DFA for the "Red Ribbon",

For those who would like to have their Important Documents to be Authenticated, here are the steps.

1. First, have your documents Xerox Copied o Scanned, use Long Bond Paper.
   *make sure that it will completely copy the WHOLE PRC logo, when you xerox copied it unless it will not be accepted.
    *Make sure there's a signature at the back of your license when you're going it to be photocopied . Don't use liquid eraser so you can write your signature, Use a sign pen then be careful erasing it again.
2.  Go to Public Assistance, then Ask for a form for each type of document to be Authenticated or Red Ribbon.
*Board Rating
*Certificate of Passing
*Board Certificate

 if you’re processing those 4 then you should have 2 kinds of forms on hand
( 1.Form for Certificate of Passing and Board Rating
   2. Form for PRC license authentication and Board Certificate ) Fill everything out. Make yourself clear about what you intend to accomplish.

3. After filling out the forms, have your photocopied documents stamped(metered stamp) at the Customer Service booth (right side as you enter the compound). Estimated cost for the stamp, 21 php per stamp, 3 stamps per photocopied document.

4. With the photocopied documents already stamped,
     go to the Cashier’s office. (PRC Manila- 3rd floor and ground floor). For ordinary processing (usually 2-3 business days) for Authentication of  License and Board Certificates, Board Rating and Passing
75php per document, 200php for each rushed document.

5. Then submit the photocopied  document for Board Certificates and License renewal, after paying dues, you would have to bring it to Window 17 which is inside the main building.

6. For the Board Rating Certificate you would have to bring it to Window K or J which is located outside.

That's all wait for the due dates indicated, for you to pick them up.
Hope this helps.

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