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cute samsung s3 housing
written on @ Wednesday, September 04, 2013 ✈

So last Saturday, we bought this Samsung battery for my phone. It was really sunny and hot , I can't even breathe enough oxygen. Anyway, it was successful I bought 2 batteries and 2 cute cellphone case but there were so much more cute cellphone cases that doesn't fit my phone so :(. Thanks for bhie, because he's the one who bought those cute housing for my cellphone.

After fixing bhie's Blackberry phone we head up to this mall, I don't know what's the name of that mall but we bought this Gulaman to relieve our thirst. We saw this 399php at Pizza Hut's, at that price you can buy 2 family size pizza, you can choose a lot of pizza varieties.
We rode a jeep going to his sister's apartment, I can say that I was really exhausted that time I can't even breathe right, I feel so heavy I just want to lay down and sleep inside the jeep and traffic is just making it more exhausting.
When we arrived at the apartment,
I ate a lot of pizzas, I think I ate more than my bf sister.

To sum it up, it was fun because at least i'm with him, you know what I mean right :)

I miss living in a dorm, like no rules, or anything. You can do whatever you like,
I'm planning to stay at Rj's sisters apartment.. hmm.

Hey, i'm planning to buy this Nexus 7 2nd Gen.
I've read alot of good reviews and I compared it to iPad mini, I think it's worth the price than the ipad mini huh? what do you think? hmm.

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