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: Athena, 7th of November, PH .
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recent update :
written on @ Wednesday, September 11, 2013 ✈

Hello, fellow bloggers.
Yesterday was very tiring, I attended this UP pahinungod volunteer pre-orientation.
I left the house at 6am in the morning, so will not end up with the traffic.
LRT 2 was fine, I rode the train without problem. LRT 1 was a mess! it's like I am squeezed inside near the train door. arrgh* plus*ThatSmell* ;eeks!

Anyway, I survived!
I was at the PGH, it was 7:30 in the morning I thought I will be late, our orientation starts at 9am. I'm really annoyed to this guy, he's like *pa cool* even if he doesn't look cool, he doesn't look like a gentleman either, so we are the first to attend there.  Time passed, until the room got full a lot of girls are standing, the other guy give his seat to this 2 girls, but this *pa cool guy* don't even have the guts to stand up!! He's so annoying, I don't why, Good thing not all boys are like him hahaha.

Anyway, the orientation last for about 3hours?
orienting us about the areas , rules on our duty and what we will gonna be.
It went good, but my bladder are about to explode. I use their CR after orientation,
and I paid fo the extra T-shirt & 500php for the ID lace, ID,  certificate, foods, shirt.

After that, I bought
St. Ives Scub
Maxi peel facial cleanser @ Watson Gateway

I have this whiteheads, en I hate it 

I called Gilbert, to see me there at gateway near Figaro,
We eat and talked funny stuffs, I gave him the blue hand fan..
It was fun, but I was vey dizzy that time maybe because I woke up early
plus the heat outside and I didn't eat lunch.
I look very haggard there, even my hair is a mess.


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